Town & Country Feed & Supply

Town & Country Feed & Supply is the place to go in the Columbia Valley for everything you could possibly require for your farm, your ranch or your own domestic animals – “from hogs to dogs” and “from cats to cattle!’ And it’s right here at home in our own community.

Welcome to Town & Country Feed & Supply!

town_and_country_feeds_logo_300A trip to Town & Country Feed & Supply is an adventure in itself. The business is located in a huge barn just off Highway 93/95, immediately north of the visitor information centre.

You just drive your vehicle in one end, load up your supplies, or let us do it for you, and drive straight out the other end – it’s fast, it’s easy and it’s efficient.

The barn is filled almost to the rafters with everything from baling twine to fertilizer/grass-seed and from cattle/equine/hog feed and supplies to dog, cat and bird feed and supplies. And there’s much, much more.

Because Town & Country is a local business, you can expect to find trustworthy products for our neighbors in the valley, helpful advice, reasonable prices and exceptional customer service.

We offer wholesale pricing on supplies like farm equipment, feed, fertilizers, grass seed and much more.


Invermere Pet Food & Supplies

Town & Country Feed & Supply has everything you require for caring for your domestic animals and keeping them healthy and happy. Here are some of our available products:

  • Dog and cat food (see below)
  • Dog and cat collars
  • Dog and cat leashes
  • Dog and cat toys
  • Pet beds
  • A variety of food dishes and food towers
  • Cat trees
  • Kennel cages
  • Pet care products, including shampoo, odour-control products, and joint care products
  • Bird feeders
  • Bird feed

If there is anything you require but don’t see on our shelves, please talk to us about it. We can special order it for you if we don’t carry it in our stock. Call us at 250-342-9433 or email us for more details.


Bulk Pet Food

Town & Country Feed & Supply carries several top brands of bulk pet food for dogs, cats, rabbits and birds.

Precise Naturals is a quality brand of dog and cat food. Their products are all-natural, fortified with supplemental minerals and vitamins and without corn, wheat, dairy, soy, sorghum or animal by-products.


Precise Holistic Complete contains everything your dog could possibly need, including real meat proteins, carbohydrates, balanced fatty acids and a probiotic. This dog food stands head and shoulders above every other brand of its kind on the market and it tastes great too.

Sportmix pet foods nourish dogs and cats in 65 countries around the world, providing optimal nutrition at every stage of life. It contains 100% complete nutrition and an optimal balance of proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals, promoting strong muscles and bones plus healthy skin and a shiny coat.

First Mate pet food is manufactured in British Columbia, providing your cat or dog with the finest, locally-sourced ingredients such as free-run Canadian chicken and turkey and wild North American Albacore tuna. It is grain and gluten-free, carrageenan and guar gum-free and epoxy-free and suitable for many pets with sensitive stomachs.

Darford dog treats, made in British Columbia, are oven-baked, made with all-natural ingredients, without corn, soy, meat by-products, artificial colors or flavors. And not only that, but dogs love them too! They come in sizes suitable for large or small dogs and when you give your dog a Darford* treat, you can trust that it will be:

  • Helping to build healthy bones and joints
  • Easy to digest
  • A good source of energy between meals
  • Promoting fresh breath
  • Promoting a healthy coat
  • Helping to clean its teeth
  • Helping to control its weight

And if your dog has trouble handling grain or gluten, rest assured that Darford* dog treats are grain and gluten-free.

Farm and Domestic Fertilizers

Farm & Domestic Fertilizers

Using soil samples and tissue tests, the team of agronomists from Terico, our preferred producer of farm-and-domestic fertilizers, will help you select the ideal product for your particular soil conditions and the crop you intend to grow. Our goal is to enable you to produce the healthiest possible crop with the highest yield and at the same time, keep your costs manageable.

For domestic lawns and gardens, we can help you choose the best possible fertilizer based not only upon your yard’s soil composition, but also upon the season.

Farming and Ranching


Town and Country Feed & Supply carries everything you need to run a first-class farming or ranching operation. Just starting out? Or perhaps you’re planning to enlarge your present handling system. We can help you with the design process. And if we don’t presently stock exactly what you need, we will special order it for you. We have:

  • Fencing materials
  • Animal pens
  • Cattle chutes
  • Gates
  • Animal feeders
  • paddocks
  • Baling supplies
  • Rodeo equipment
  • Equine stalls and equipment

Livestock Feed

We feature high quality feed in bulk for cows, goats, pigs, poultry, horses and sheep. Our trusted supplier is Hi Pro Feeds, which has been setting the bar in the farm feeds industry since the early 1940s. If you require specialty feeds, please send us an email and we will be happy to accommodate you.

Aqua Culture Feed

Whether you are raising commercial salmon or trout, even koi for your backyard pond, we can supply top quality nourishment to ensure the optimal health of your product.

Landscaping Materials
Landscaping Supplies & Rock

Whether you are in the landscaping business or designing a beautiful outdoor space for your own home, Town & Country stocks everything you will need to do the job right. Order in bulk:

  • Landscaping rock
  • Grass seed
  • Wood chips
  • Fertilizer
  • Fencing

If we don’t presently stock exactly what you require, let us know and we will do our best to special order it for you.

Location and contact

We would like to hear from you. Please send us a message by filling out the form below and we will get back with you shortly.

Town & Country


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