Tilley Memorial Park

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    Tilley Park on Columbia Lake

Tilley Memorial Park

Tilley Memorial Park, within the village of Canal Flats BC, is a lovely green oasis sitting on an elbow of land that juts into the south end of Columbia Lake.

Originally it was called Canal Flats Provincial Park until the provincial government decided to close it. A group of local people who called themselves the Beach Committee, offered to look after the park if it was transferred to the village. When that happened in 2010, the park was officially renamed in memory of  long-time residents, the late John and Ann Tilley, who had been known for their history of service in the community.

Tilley Memorial Park features:

  • Shaded picnic tables
  • A large grassy area
  • A pebbled beach
  • The only public boat launch on Columbia Lake
  • Wheelchair access
  • Public washrooms
  • Protected moorage
  • An enclosed swimming area
  • A day-use picnic area
  • A large parking area

Locals and visitors can enjoy picnicking, water sports, swimming, boating, windsurfing, fishing and exploring the wetlands.

Extensive upgrades to Tilley Memorial Park are in process, which when completed in 2018, will see 3 new docks, new washrooms with changing areas, additional new picnic tables and upgrades to the present ones, a new dock within the play area and improved parking.

Note: There are no dogs allowed in the park

From June 15th to September 15th, there are charges to park your vehicles and to use the boat launch into Columbia Lake. Residents have a free pass but must present it to the attendant on duty in order to use the boat launch. Visitors, please note the following:

  • Season Parking Pass – $70
  • Daily Parking fee – $5 per person to a maximum of $15
  • Season Boat Launch Pass – $140
  • Daily Launch fee – $20

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