Wilder Memorial Park


Wilder Memorial Park

Wilder Memorial Park in Fairmont Hot Springs BC is a story of a park in the making. The 2-acre parcel of green land is located at the southwest end of Wills Road and is zoned for recreational use.

Wilder Memorial Park Map | Fairmont Hot Springs BC
Wilder Memorial Park Map
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“A lasting memorial to the Wilder family…”

When completed the park will be a lasting memorial to the well-known Wilder Family who owned and developed much of the land in and around the Fairmont community, including the Fairmont Hot Springs Resort.

The Wilder Family and Fairmont Hot Springs Resort have generously donated the property to the Fairmont & District Lions Club. The club’s mandate is to be of service to the community through projects that benefit its residents. Because of that, they are a perfect choice to spearhead this project.

With that goal in mind, the club is exploring options for the development of the property and is seeking the input of local residents so that the resulting community park will reflect the needs of the community.

Over the summer months, possible options will be considered and by September of 2016, the new park will be more than just a dream. It will be a reality in the making!

We will be updating this story about Wilder Memorial Park as the project evolves. Meanwhile, if you would like more information, send an email to ibklas@shaw.ca

Location Map & Directions

Wilder Memorial Park | Fairmont Hot Springs BC