Advertising Options

Advertising Options

Revised May 1, 2022

Do you operate a business in the Columbia Valley or East Kootenay region of British Columbia? If so, you’ll find real advertising value in our online magazine-style visitor guide.

With almost 5 million Google search impressions in the past year, we get your business noticed by local residents and prospective visitors from Calgary, Vancouver and elsewhere. And because we are a local publisher, the visitors we send to your website are highly qualified.

47% of our visitors are from British Columbia (16% from East Kootenay), and 42% are from Alberta (24% from Calgary).

About 75% of our traffic comes from Google searches, 20% from direct visits, and 5% from links on other websites. The audience is about equally on mobile and desktop.

One of the great ways we can help you promote your business, event, or special deal is with display advertising. We’ve got lots of great spots available. Keep in mind that if you don’t see something exactly matching what you’d like, just send us an email and we can customize a package just for you!

Please note that, unlike print advertising, multiple advertisers can share the same spot on a web page, with a different ad displayed every time the page is loaded, so even if the space is already occupied there is still a place for you.

Advertising Packages

We know that times are tight right now and tourism is suffering, so are doing our best to make our services even more affordable for small business owners. You can now pay for packages in installments.

Ultimate Exposure, $799/year (4 installments)
Our best plan includes a highly visible banner ad at the top of all geographically relevant pages, plus a 300 x 250 block at the top of the sidebar on most pages.

Platinum Visibility, $599/year (3 installments)
This plan includes a highly visible banner ad at the top of all geographically relevant pages, plus a 160 x 120 small block on the sidebar of all pages. The typical number of ad views in a year is about 350,000, with about 300 click-throughs.

Business Builder, $399/year (2 installments)
Our most popular plan includes a small 160 x 120 display ad in rotation on the sidebar of all pages. The typical number of ad views in a year is about 250,000, with about 100 click-throughs.

All packages include a hand-crafted feature page dedicated to your business. Some of our clients use this page as their only web presence. All packages also include a directory listing with higher visibility than a free listing, and include social media links. The feature page and enhanced directory listing never expire, even if you are no longer an advertiser, and may be revised for a modest fee.

Ad creation is included. A substantial discount is available if you provide your own ad.

For all packages with display ads, your cost per click will be less than Google Adsense, and the number of impressions will be about 50 times what Adsense provides for the same cost, making a cost-effective contribution to brand recognition because most of our visitors have a qualified local interest.

Super Saver, $99 (does not expire)
This plan gives you all the benefits of a feature page, business showcase inclusion, and prioritized directory listing without buying display ads.

Display Advertising

You can buy display ad space as needed, without a plan. Subscriptions of 6 months or longer come with a feature page and prioritized directory listing, which do not expire.

Sizes available are: 300 x 250 (first and second slots on sidebar) and 300 x 125 (third slot on sidebar). The price range is $100-300 per month or $25-75 per week.

To learn more, download our price list or contact us.

Advertising Options | Columbia Valley and East Kootenay