Kimberley Nature Park


Kimberley Nature Park

Kimberley Nature Park is one of the largest municipal parks in Canada, more than 800 hectares (1,800+ acres) of forested Crown land within the boundaries of the city of Kimberley BC.

A huge network of multi-use trails covers forested hillsides, some of which are old roads and some are hand-built footpaths. The trails wend their way through dense green forests, over rocky hillsides to broad, open spaces, linking small ponds and scenic wilderness viewpoints throughout the park, with signage along the way.

Things to do

Things to do

Kimberley Nature Park’s varied terrain and diverse ecosystems allow visitors a multitude of choices of recreational and educational experiences and since motorized vehicles are not allowed on the trails, you will find the park to be a peaceful place in which to relax, refresh, renew and make happy memories with your family and friends.

Note: Black bears and moose find homes here in the park and although no one is known to have been injured, visitors are advised to use caution and keep their distance.


The park is a great place to hike, mountain bike, cross-country ski, bird watch, jog, study plants and animals. You are welcome to bring along the family dog if it is well socialized, doesn’t chase animals, is leashed and you pick up after it.


In winter, Kimberley Nature Park is transformed into a magical wonderland, a favorite place to cross-country ski, snowshoe and hike.

A visit to Kimberley Nature Park is a great outdoor family adventure, so pack up the kids, bring snacks and water for everyone and plan to spend the day.

The Kimberley Nature Park Society

The Kimberley Nature Park Society

The trails and signs are maintained by the Kimberley Nature Park Society whose intent is to keep the park in a natural state for the sake of the flora and fauna that inhabit it, while allowing and encouraging non-motorized human exploration and to “provide a setting that promotes respect and understanding of nature.” (from their website)

Throughout the year, the Kimberley Nature Park Society organizes and leads guided walks and other special events and activities such as Julyfest, Mothers Day and Fathers Day walks and volunteer work parties. All these except the Julyfest Race are free to the public.



The Ktunaxa people were the first known humans in the area, although their exact use for the land is not known. At least one archaeological site has been uncovered, a chert quarry which provided material for making spear points.

The Europeans explored for minerals and some of the Kimberley Nature Park trails are the remains of old mining roads. You can see places along these trails where exploratory shafts were dug but didn’t produce.

In the early part of the 20th century, logging became an important part of the area’s economy and some of the park’s roads and trails were used by loggers. Look for old tree stumps with notches that were used for the loggers’ springboards. Some of those trees were huge compared to what grows in Kimberley Nature Park today.

A ski lodge was built in 1938 by the Kimberley Ski Club at the base of Myrtle Mountain and since that time, the park area has been used mainly for recreation.

Location Map

There are six major access points around the perimeter of the park. Most of the entrances have kiosks with a large map and a bulletin board for notices.

For more information or to receive a Nature Trail Guide. Visit the very comprehensive website at


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