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Are you a passionate person who loves to express yourself through the written word and would like to share your stories,  poetry and ideas with our readers?

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Have you ever wanted to write a ‘letter to the editor’ but had so much you wanted to say that you knew there wouldn’t be space enough to say it? The Writer’s Corner gives you the opportunity to express yourself in a place where what you write will be read and appreciated by others, maybe even get people thinking a new thought.writers_corner_arrows_1

paper-pen_250If you meet one or more of these requirements, we welcome your submissions to the Writer’s Corner:

  • You are a full or part-time resident in the valley
  • You love the valley and want to write about why
  • You are or have been a visitor to the valley and want to tell about your adventure


  • A book, movie or video that had a deep impact on your life
  • A Columbia Valley wilderness camping trip you experienced
  • An entertaining local event you really enjoyed
  • Why you love the Columbia Valley
  • A hike or marathon or outdoor sport you love in the valley
  • A life-changing event you experienced and how it changed your life

You can include an accompanying video or photos to illustrate your story. Please, personalize your submissions whenever possible.

Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines:

  • Make sure you source your article fully. If you are quoting someone else’s work, be sure you have that person’s permission to do so.
  • All submissions are subject to our approval as to suitability of content and we decide whether or not to publish each and every one. If you are writing about a controversial topic, try to write it from your own personal perspective without casting aspersion upon others who do not share your views.
  • If you operate a business in the community and want to use the Writer’s Corner to sell products or promote yourself, you must first be a featured business.
  • If the volume of submissions is high at a particular time, we may not be able to post every submission right away.
  • We do not pay for submissions. This is a community of writers, a community of friends who share your common interest, a place where you will feel supported and your work appreciated. You should receive lots of views and comments from your readers.

How to Submit:

Submit your articles to info@columbiavalley.com either as an attached text document or copied and pasted into the email. Please name the subject “Article Submission”.

By submitting an article to the Writer’s Corner, you consent to its being edited if needed – we will credit you as the author and use your first and last name unless you specify not to. Please also ensure that you have permission to use any photos or videos submitted and provide credit where necessary.

Most importantly, we want you to have fun in the writers’ corner. It’s your place after all, so please enjoy yourself as you set your creative genius free.

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Image: Wikipedia Commons

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