Tick season in the valley

Spring and summer in the Columbia Valley are tick season and campers, hikers and pets are especially vulnerable to the nasty little creatures. The Rocky Mountain wood tick is the most common species in the area, sometimes carrying a disease called tick paralysis. You can meet up with one of these lovely critters in any wooded or forested region, especially in areas where there are deer trails or human tracks. They are abundant near water, where warm-blooded animals come to drink and in meadows wherever shrubs and brush provide woody surfaces and cover.

The Rocky Mountain wood tick
If you find one

One thought on “Tick season in the valley

  • March 5, 2016 at 1:20 pm

    The featured image in this post is showing what’s commonly known as a Deer Tick. Their bodies can contain up to 5000 baby ticks at a time. So, when you see one, kill it, but make sure it’s fully smushed as you may have just let the babies out! We have found that picking them up with tweezers and putting them into a small pill bottle with a little vinegar does the trick very quickly. That’s better than making a mess!


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