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Snow King’s Masque Parade – 12th Anniversary

Feb 18, 2018 6:45 pm

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The Snow King’s annual Masque Parade honors the history and cultural heritage of Golden’s mountain home.

Some of the best culture is the stuff that you make for yourselves, and that is absolutely the case with Masque Parade, which is having its 12th anniversary this February. Part creative self-expression via community art-making and part theatrical spectacle, Masque Parade above all honors the history and cultural heritage of Golden’s mountain home.

Spirit Square is transformed into a magical realm appropriate to welcome Snow King and Lady Spring down from the mountain with a torch-lit escort en route to a glorious night of pageantry and celebratory revels.

Spectators almost become indivisible from participants as the night comes alive with music, dancing, stilt walking, giant puppets, shadow plays, fire spinning, and other circus arts. Weeks of preparation will have led up to this amazing night, when over 1,000 people come together for a most expressive and artistic street party.

(text courtesy of KHC)

For more details, visit: https://tourismgolden.com/blog/masque-parade-golden%E2%80%99s-wildly-unique-uniquely-golden-winter-festival

Note: Planning for the 12th annual Snow King’s Masque Parade starts this Fall. If you’d like to be involved with an enthusiastic and creative group of folks and help make this year’s Masque Parade happen send us an email to ac.er1506261801utluc1506261801esroh1506261801gnikc1506261801ik@gn1506261801ikwon1506261801s1506261801 and we’ll link you in!


Spirit Square in Golden BC
500 - 8th Ave N

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