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There’s just something about the Columbia Valley that inspires people to create beautiful art in all its many colors. Valley Forged, a Canal Flats-based band, is filling the air with their own special sound of music.

The Valley Forged Sound

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That sound is a seamless mixture of country, rock, east-coast Celtic and everything else that has influenced these talented musicians over their lifetimes in different parts of the country.

The group takes each genre and brings it up to a whole new level. The listener can’t quite put a finger on what he’s hearing but it makes him smile, makes him want to sing along, tap his toes and just plain move.

[audioalbum title=”Hoodoos, Horsethieves and Hideouts” detail=”Debut Album” date=”2016″] [audiotrack title=”Saddle Up” songwriter=”Valley Forged, Dean Berry” mp3=”″] [audiotrack title=”Hey Bartender ” songwriter=”Greg Fendelet, Craig Rowell” mp3=”″]
The Story & the Band
Debut CD now available for sale
Debut CD now available


Valley Forged began one evening in late 2012 at the Columbia Inn in Canal Flats where a group of musicians were jamming. They each recognized they had something together that was really special, something that was more – that  magical spark that could inspire them to be better together than apart. The rest is history, as the saying goes.


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Today, Valley Forged has carved for themselves a unique place in the arts and cultural community of the area, performing at venues such as the Horse Thief Hideout, the Whitehouse Pub in Windermere, the Horsethief Pub in Radium Hot Springs, the Steamboat Mountain Festival in Edgewater, and the Fairmont Hot Springs Resort. That’s just the beginning. There’s way more to come!

A Valley Forged live show consists of their original songs plus a variety of older cover songs done in their own style.

Their debut album, Hoodoos, Horsethieves and Hideouts is pure magic and they are working on a second, which will be released in August of 2016. To purchase a Hoodoos, Horsethieves and Hideouts CD, go to:

The Band Members

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George Barr plays bass, keeping the Valley Forged sound smooth and mellow and flowing.
Jon Howse plays guitar and mandolin and does background vocals.
John Vander Ploeg, drummer, keeps the beat, does background vocals and writes most of the lyrics.
Stephane Morel, the newest Valley Forged member, from Quebec, plays guitar and sings background vocals.
Greg Fendelet is the lead singer and also plays keyboard.

Upcoming Events

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Valley Forged


Valley Forged
Canal Flats, BC

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