Through Kootenay National Park and beyond

It’s great to hear about another media personality checking out the warmer side of the Canadian Rockies. Mike Drew (Calgary Sun) came through from Calgary early last week for the day in hopes of capturing some photos and video of our spectacular valley. With a few stops through the park to try and capture the moon-set on the mountains, he ended up in Radium and managed to capture some rammin’ great imagery. He then ventured up to Spilli and down the Westside Road in search of wildlife and scenery.

I was headed over toward Radium to visit the Columbia River valley. I haven’t been over that way for a while and I wanted to see if they were having as open a winter as we were on the Alberta side. It seemed like there was plenty of snow as I drove south through Kootenay National Park but I’m hardly an expert on snowpack.

It was nice to hear that not once, but twice, a trucker slowed or stopped in the Park to make sure Drew was OK at the side of the road while taking pictures. Kudos truckers!

Read the rest of Mike’s story here.

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