Peppi’s Pizzeria

Peppi’s Pizza is a licensed, sophisticated, urban chic pizzeria where pizza is the main entrée and the star of the show and everything is Italian. They are so popular that some Albertans order on their cell phones while en route so they can stop on their way to the cottage to pick up their pizza!


Peppi's Pizza | Peppi's Pizzeria | Invermere BC

Peppi’s Pizzeria

In nice weather, two overhead garage doors open up twelve feet of the front wall of the restaurant to the outdoor patio where flower boxes, filled with tomatoes, herbs, etc., give a bit of a Tuscan flavor to your dining experience.

A large cooler indoors displays all kinds of antipastis, stuffed peppers, really delicious olives and lots more.

Besides Tim and his partner, Laura Lindsay, there are up to fourteen busy staff in the summer. The restaurant is open 7 nights a week in the summer with lunches served as well during July and August.

A wide selection of toppings and salads.
A wide selection of toppings and salads.

Fresh, locally-produced ingredients
Peppi’s offers 30 delicious pizzas in 3 sizes, to eat in or to take out, plus desserts, wine and other beverages. The menu is somewhat modified to suit the North American preference, but Peppi’s pizzas have lots of traditional Italian ingredients such as Prosciutto, roasted peppers, bruschetta, etc.

In the garden season, all of the greens used at Peppi’s come from Edible Acres and Winvalley Gardens in Windermere – spinach, arugula, cucumbers, all of the herbs – and are picked daily. The tomatoes are from Patty’s Greenhouse in Brisco and the peppers are BC hothouse. The specialty cheeses are produced in BC and Peppi’s uses the highest quality meats they can obtain.

Choose from our 30 pizzas or create your own!
Choose from our 30 pizzas or create your own!

Special orders
More and more people want thin-crust pizzas these days and Peppi’s has them on the menu, along with regular and also gluten-free.

“Pepperoni and Hawaiian are the kids’ favorites and the guys go for the Meat Lover’s”, says Tim. And he adds, “If anyone is still hungry after pizza, Laura makes beautiful desserts”.

We Also Cater
Peppi’s hosts parties, sports teams, bike clubs and special interest groups on a regular basis and they also cater for business luncheons, meetings, school lunches and events.

If you are hungry for the best the valley has to offer, drop in or call ahead for pick-up.

Our History

Peppi's Pizza | Peppi's Pizzeria | Invermere BC

History of Peppi’s Pizza

Tim Goldie came to Invermere from Saskatchewan in 1988 to work in his uncle’s (Tim Strand’s) restaurant. When Tim decided to make it a career, he went to Camosun College in Victoria to study Hotel and Restaurant Administration.

Tim Goldie & Laura Lindsay, Proprietors
Tim Goldie & Laura Lindsay, Proprietors

His uncle sold his restaurant in the early 1990’s. Being a person who liked to keep busy, he looked around for a new business venture and rented the space where Peppi’s is now located, with the idea of starting a book store. As fate would have it, however, in 1995, he found some equipment for sale from another restaurant (a pizza restaurant no less), and decided to go back into the business of feeding the hungry public. But before the new restaurant was open for business, Uncle Tim changed his mind and decided he didn’t want to do it after all. The rest is history, at least the history of Peppi’s Pizza!

At that time, there were 3 other pizza restaurants in Invermere plus some of the bars sold pizza, as well. But that didn’t bother Tim at all. He just set about to make his pizza restaurant the best in town.

Originally, Peppi’s was more of a family restaurant, with chicken and several pastas on the menu. However the pizza was what people came for and so Tim and his partner, Laura Lindsay gave the restaurant a whole new look and a brand new menu.

Location and contact

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Peppi's Pizza

Peppi's Pizza | Peppi's Pizzeria | Invermere BC

Peppi’s Pizzeria
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