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Majestic U-Brew and Wine in Invermere BC offers over 200 styles of wines, beers, ciders and more to which you can put your own personal signature.


Majestic U-Brew Invermere

Welcome to Majestic U-Brew & Wine!

Bob and Peggy, owners of Invermere’s Majestic U-Brew & Wine, have been in the home winery business for more than ten years. Their small winery in the Invermere suburb of Athalmer, produces over 200 different styles of wines from all over the world, from such places as Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Argentina, California, Spain, France, Germany, and Italy.

Why do so many people choose to produce their own spirits rather than purchase commercial products? Well, for one thing, they are not as expensive because there is no tax on the products.

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That isn’t the only reason, though. The wines produced at Majestic U-Brew & Wine have fewer sulphites than many commercial wines. Sulphites are added by the manufacturer to preserve the wines and often give them an unpleasant bite and give you a headache. Wines you make yourself are mellow, fragrant and full of the flavor of the fruit. Not only that, they can be more organic and therefore, much healthier for you.

The process of creating your own special favorite wine is simple; you just come into the store and the friendly staff help you choose which wine you would prefer. Majestic U-Brew & Wine will do the rest. In as little as 4 to 12 weeks, your product will be ready for you to bottle. Bring your own bottles or purchase them on site. Each batch of wine makes 23 litres or the equivalent of 30 750ml bottles.

Add a personal touch to each bottle

As well as wine, Majestic also produces twelve natural wheat beers with no preservatives. And you can choose from a large selection of ciders such as peach, pear or apple cider, which are juice-based, from the Okanagan, a wine-based hard lemonade or hard cranberry lemonade, sparkling wines, white ice wines, and a decadent chocolate-orange or white chocolate wine which are very popular at Christmastime.

Looking for a gift for someone special? Bob and Peggy carry a large selection of wine-ware or you can purchase a gift certificate in the denomination of your choice.

Majestic U-Brew & Wine is open Tuesday to Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm. Why not drop in for a FREE winery tour and begin an adventure that is not only fun but rewarding too?

Majestic U-Brew & Wine, Invermere

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Majestic UBrew

Majestic U-Brew Invermere

Majestic U-Brew & Wine
400 Laurier Street
Athalmer, BC

Majestic U-Brew & Wine is open Tuesday to Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm.



Majestic U-Brew & Wine | 250-342-0059

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