Konig Meat and Sausage Company

Konig Meat and Sausage Company is part of an unbroken tradition of butcher shops that have been continuously serving the people of Invermere – local farmers, small livestock producers, hunters and just plain folk – for 100 years.

Situated on the main street in the downtown business section of this quaint Columbia Valley town, the shop sees a steady flow of customers who come because they have grown to trust that the Konig products they serve their families are of the finest quality possible. Several local restaurants and grocery stores offer Konig Meat and Sausage Company products as well.

Konig (meaning “king” in the German language) offers a wide selection of meats, deli products and specialty grocery products. They have a lunch special every day for busy shoppers and business people. See the many choices from which you’ll quickly discover your favorites and join the crowd of loyal customers.

Gourmet sausage

In an era where there is a wide choice of places to purchase a Sunday roast or a Thanksgiving turkey, the people of Invermere keep shopping at Konig Meat and Sausage Company. What is it that brings customers back again and again? It’s the sausage!

Gourmet sausage - read more

Konig Meat and Sausage Company

While Konig offers the customary cut-and-wrap services that all butchers are known for, they go further, custom crafting a large selection of authentic traditional gourmet sausage (nearly 30 different kinds) in a mouth-watering range of flavors – fresh sausage, cooked sausage, dried sausage and multi-award-winning sausage!

All are produced without the addition of gluten products. Select from:

  • Beef Sausage
  • Bavarian Weiswurst
  • Breakfast Sausage
  • Buffalo Bratwurst
  • Buffalo Whiskey Sausage
  • Cajun Bratwurst
  • Cheese Smokies
  • Chicken Apple
  • Chicken Basil Sundried Tomato
  • European Wieners
  • Farmer Smokies
  • Gourmet Lamb Sausage
  • Italian Sausage
  • Lamb Curry Sausage
  • Leek & Cabbage Sausage
  • Spanish Chorizo
  • Turkey Honey Garlic Sausage
  • Veal Bratwurst
  • Western Bratwurst
  • Banana Pepper Cheese Smokies
  • and more!

Try the air-dried shelf-stable sausage. Customers come back again and again for these tasty snacks:

  • Chimney Sticks (Silver Medal Award winner)
  • Dried Italian
  • Hungarian Sticks
  • Landjager
  • Fire Sticks

Then there are the specialty air-dried meats:

  • Air dried Bison
  • Tirolian Ham
  • Westfalian Ham
  • Coppa
  • Bunderfleish
  • Rohess Speck
  • Pepper biters
More products and services

Ready for the barbecue

There’s nothing like a tender, juicy steak sizzling on the backyard barbecue on a hot summer day. The Konig team has a valley-wide reputation for producing some of the best marinated and aged beef, pork, lamb and chicken anywhere. Order some for your next outdoor patio party.

Deli and lunch menu

A fully stocked deli offers customers smoked meats and cold cuts as well as European cheeses and seasonal salad selections. Whether it’s a day at the beach, a hike in the woods or a hearty lunch on a busy day, if you are short on time then stop in for something fresh, tasty and easy to serve to your family. Small-venue catering for lunches and dinners is also available.

Small tables seat lunchtime diners who enjoy the Konig Meat and Sausage Company’s daily specials, made-fresh-to-order sandwiches, bratwurst, pork schnitzel and back bacon served on tasty breads and buns, plus sides from the deli. The Grill is on from 11 am – 4 pm daily.

Konig Meat and Sausage Company

Wild game processing

In the fall, the butchers at Konig Meat and Sausage Company are kept busy helping local hunters turn their deer, elk and moose harvest into gourmet products such as steaks, roasts, burger, smokies, fresh sausage, pepperoni, breaded schnitzel and jerky. They offer full-service game processing at a very affordable cost.

Grocery products

The shelves offer a range of products imported from Germany, Switzerland and other European countries which will be sure to complement any of the fabulous ready-to-grill BBQ selections in Konig’s diverse display.

Location and contact

Konig Meat and Sausage Company
1210 – 7th Avenue

Konig Meat & Sausage Co. | Invermere

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  • January 5, 2021 at 2:46 pm

    Hi folks,
    “Bavarian Weiswurst” should be “Bavarian Weißwurst” or at least “Bavarian Weisswurst”. “White” (German: weiß) indicates the color, based on veal and lots of other ingredients, as you certainly know as “König”.
    Best, Christian (Munich/Bavaria)


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