Fairmont Hot Springs Pools

The hot springs at Fairmont are the largest naturally-occurring hot springs in Canada, They are truly one of nature’s miracles, formed 50 million years or so ago when the ancient rocks of the North American continent began to heave restlessly upward, eventually forming the Rocky Mountains. The process took about 20 million more years before they became what we see today when we look out across the Columbia Valley landscape.

Off the diving board at Fairmont Hot Springs pools - Photo Dara Allen
Off the diving board at Fairmont Hot Springs pools – Photo Dara Allen

The heaving and shifting process created great faults in the rock where rainwater and snow melt gathered and then seeped deep down into the rocks. The water heated, then bubbled to the surface, emerging even hotter than it was below.

The mineral-rich waters of the Fairmont Hot Springs pools have been said to have healing powers but whether or not it is so, a soak in the warm mineral pools, surrounded by spectacular views of the Rocky and the Purcell mountains, can definitely ease sore muscles and leave one feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

The hot pool temperature is a delightful 39C (102F) degrees. The diving pool with a temperature of 30C (89F) has both high and a low diving boards. The water contains calcium bicarbonate, calcium sulphate, magnesium sulphate, sodium chloride, sodium sulphate, silica, potassium chloride and dissolved radium. There is a minimum amount of chlorine added to the water.

A visit to the pools at Fairmont Hot Springs Resort is a memorable adventure for the whole family. You can swim for an hour or more with a single entry fee, get a day pass so you can come and go during the day, or if you are going to be here for an extended period, you can save by purchasing a 5-day pass.

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