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Hobnails and Hemp Rope: Film

Nov 29, 2016 7:00 pm

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Hobnails and Hemp Rope is a thrilling, true-life outdoor adventure documentary in which a group of amateur climbers from the Toronto branch of the Alpine Club of Canada undertook to re-enact, on its 100th anniversary, the historic climb by celebrated mountaineer, Conrad Kain, of the Bugaboo Spire.

The four climbers determined to maintain the historical accuracy of the climb, using only the type of mountaineering equipment that would have been used in the early 1900s. Wearing historic clothing, they loaded themselves up with wooden ice axes, hemp rope, a canvas tent (those things got unbelievably heavy when wet!), an ancient kerosene stove and hobnailed boots. Instead of sleeping bags, they had woolen blankets and  they slept on sometimes-wet spruce branches.This truly was a ‘hobnails and hemp rope’ adventure and the hobnails were unbelievably heavy and often slipped dangerously!

Before the film presentation begins, the Jumbo Creek Conservation Society will hold a short AGM, after which Columbia Valley climber/photographer Pat Morrow will present background information about Conrad Kain’s famous climb of the Spire in 1916 and show some photos of his own ascents of the Spire.

Organizer and one of the four members of the group that undertook last summer’s expedition, Bryan Thompson, will talk about how the project originated and came together. Other members were Rob LeBlanc, Garry Reiss and Natalia Danalachi.

Greg Gransden wrote, produced and directed photography and Ivan Petrov  was the official still photographer who created the photos that are being used in a 2-month-long exhibit at the Banff Whyte Museum.

This is a film you absolutely will love and don’t want to miss. Please mark the date on your calendar and join us.

The doors open at 7 PM and the meeting starts at 7:30 PM.

To find out more about the Hobnails and Hemp Rope film, readers may visit: https://facebook.com/hobnailsandhemp/?fref=nf


David Thompson Secondary School
1535 - 14th Street

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