There’s bears in our town!

Bears in the town of Revelstoke BC – nine of them, in fact, had to be destroyed by conservation officers during a 3-day period recently. All because the residents of the mountain community didn’t pay much attention, if any at all, to the warnings and the suggested precautions needed to minimize the presence of bears.

No conservation officer likes to shoot even one animal and to have to destroy nine – unbelievable! You can read more about the tragic end to these bears in the town of Revelstoke here.

Things you can do to prevent bear problems in your town

Conflict and confrontation between humans and bears in town can be substantially decreased if we all do our part. Please be smart and responsible, for the sake of our bears. You can help the bears so we can all enjoy them!

Thanks to Bonnie-Lou Ferris for the great bear photos! Visit her website here for more awesome photos of nature and wildlife in the Columbia Valley!

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