Site Status & FAQ’s

question_tipThis page will keep you up to date on what we’re doing on a day by day basis – kind of like a mini-blog all about the site. It also provides us with a place to feature some of the questions you have asked on our handy little pop-up thingy in the bottom right corner of the site. Eventually this will also be the place where you can ask a question about pretty much anything.

Site Status

03/20/16 - Happy Spring!
Wow, we’ve so busy we haven’t been able to update you on all the things happening on the site. Here’s a quick run down… just about finished re-installing the vendor marketplace ecommerce system. We setup a cool NEWS page here (yes, we’ll be doing more news very soon!).

We have done a LOT of page redesign over the past couple of weeks. The best examples thus far are the Health & Wellness and Food & Drink pages. This style will follow through onto all other site pages soon. Our primary motivator for this was to improve the site when viewing on mobile devices.

Today we added thumbnail images to the events list in the right column. Looks much nicer now! We’ve also started displaying only events relevant to each section. A load of new events have been added with lots more coming!

We’ve firmed up our advertising rates for Spring and we’re happy to announce that everything (except banner ads) is $5/week ( a few minimums apply)! Visit the advertise page for more details!

Things in the Queue

– Menu navigation revisions
– Vacation rentals section
– Ad system automation
– Return of slideshows to pages
– Artisan marketplace
– Backlog of pages & posts to publish
– Job posting section
– Social Media Hub to return
– Enhancements to News section
– Tons more events to add
– Annual events page
– Event front end submission
– Event ticketing