Site Status & FAQ’s

question_tipThis page will keep you up to date on what we’re doing on a day by day basis – kind of like a mini-blog all about the site. It also provides us with a place to feature some of the questions you have asked on our handy little pop-up thingy in the bottom right corner of the site. Eventually this will also be the place where you can ask a question about pretty much anything.

Site Status

03/20/16 - Happy Spring!

Things in the Queue

– Menu navigation revisions
– Vacation rentals section
– Ad system automation
– Return of slideshows to pages
– Artisan marketplace
– Backlog of pages & posts to publish
– Job posting section
– Social Media Hub to return
– Enhancements to News section
– Tons more events to add
– Annual events page
– Event front end submission
– Event ticketing