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Health and wellness is on everyone’s mind these days, it seems. At a time when the pressures of life can threaten to overwhelm us, we are more aware than ever of the need to keep ourselves feeling our best. We know that having good health goes a long way toward enjoying our lives to the fullest.



Community Wellness Services

Columbia Valley residents and visitors are fortunate to have excellent medical doctors plus regional and community hospitals staffed with knowledgeable and caring personnel.

Supporting our mainstream medical practitioners are dozens of complementary practitioners of natural health and wellness modalities. Here are some of the valley services to keep you and your family feeling your very best:

  • Naturopathic doctors
  • Massage therapists
  • Ayervedic medicine practitioners
  • Energy balancing
  • Men’s health care
  • Yoga and meditation
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Pain management therapies
  • Advanced laboratory testing
  • Reiki practitioners
  • Fitness centre
  • Sports injuries
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Chiropractors
  • Acupuncturists
  • Health and wellness spas
  • Esthetics and beauty products
  • Natural mineral hot springs
  • Relaxation
  • Flotation therapy
  • Juice therapy
  • Addiction services
  • Family counseling
  • Hospice
  • Health food stores
Health and lifestyle directory

Health-related businesses and services in the Columbia Valley range from chiropractors, massage therapists and family counseling to health food stores, yoga studios and spas. Residents and visitors have many options when seeking optimal health and wellness.

Elevation Massage & Spa

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Traditional Health Services

Wellness - Traditional Health Services

It's always a concern that something might happen while you are on vacation and you would need to trust strangers to make everything right again. You needn't worry, though, because you and your family would be in good hands.The Columbia Valley is blessed with excellent hospitals, caring medical doctors, optometrists, dentists, physiotherapists and pharmacies.

Business NameCommunityPhoneCallInfoSocialWeb
Dr. Mark MoneoInvermere250-342-6223
Invermere Dental ClinicInvermere250-342-3811
Dr. Pat O'Sullivan Dental ClinicInvermere250-342-9663
Hospitals & Clinics
Invermere Medical ClinicInvermere250-342-9206
Chisel Peak Medical ClinicInvermere250-341-6900
Invermere Health UnitInvermere250-342-2360
Akisqnuk Health CentreWindermere250-342-6379
Invermere & District HospitalInvermere250-342-9201
Columbia House Long Term CareInvermere250-342-2329
Columbia Garden VillageInvermere250-341-3350
Lambert Kipp PharmacyInvermere250-342-3811
Addiction Services
East Kootenay Addiction Services SocietyInvermere250-342-3868
Home Health Care ProductsInvermere250-342-1242
Alternative Health & Wellness

Wellness - Alternative Health Services

Whether your body hurts or you need more energy to keep up with your busy schedule – or perhaps it’s some big-time stress-relief you are craving, one of the valley’s highly-trained therapists can help you feel like your own self again. Book an appointment and feel the difference.

Business NameCommunityPhoneCallInfoSocialWeb
Balanced Health Acupuncture ClinicInvermere250-341-4806
Dr. Michael Baker NDInvermere250-342-1457
Renaissance Wellness CentreInvermere250-342-2535
Columbia ChiropracticInvermere250-409-9628
Invermere Family ChiropracticInvermere250-342-9666
Radermacher ChiropracticInvermere250-342-8830
Renaissance Wellness CentreInvermere250-342-2535
Dr. Luci Skaken NDInvermere250-342-0417
Dr. Michael Baker NDInvermere250-342-1457
Columbia Valley Life SportsInvermere250-342-8737
Fairmont Sports Physiotherapy &
Acupuncture Clinic
High Altitude TherapyInvermere250-688-1115
Invermere Physiotherapy ClinicInvermere250-342-0415
Mountain PhysiotherapyPanorama250-341-5125
Elevation Massage and SpaRadium778-527-5090
Azure Massage & WellnessInvermere250-342-7320
Mountain MassageRadium250-347-6364
Pure MassagePanorama250-341-6977
Renaissance Wellness CentreInvermere250-342-2535
Pleiades SpaRadium250-347-2288
High Altitude TherapyInvermere250-688-1115
Yoga, Fitness & Nutrition

Wellness - Yoga, Fitness & Nutrition

Have you been promising yourself that you’d start getting fit this year? Fitness is a way of life that can pay you huge dividends in terms of energy and a sense of well-being. We get so busy that we often forget to take time out for ourselves. Why not pay a visit to the gym while you are on vacation – or even join a yoga class. It could be the start of a whole new and rewarding lifestyle.

Business NameCommunityPhoneCallSocialWeb
Fitness Centres
Endeavor FitnessInvermere250-688-0783
Mountain Om Yoga &
Fitness Studio
Valley Fitness CentreInvermere250-342-2131
Zumba by ShawnaColumbia Valley250-342-2131
Zumba FitnessInvermere250-341-5474
Zumba Fitness / Desiderata
Health & Wellness Studio
Health Foods & Nutrition
Circle Health FoodsInvermere
Grant's FoodsInvermere250-342-7308
Evolution WellnessPanorama250-341-3403
Valley FoodsInvermere250-342-3330
Pleiades SpaRadium250-347-2288
Dr. Michael BakerInvermere250-342-1457
Yoga and Meditation
Brayenna Murray YogaRadium250-688-1500
Defining YogaInvermere250-270-0056
Invermere YogaInvermere250-342-1198
Mountain Om Yoga &
Fitness Studio
Yoga Mountain Studio (CV Rec)Invermere250-342-9281
Valley FitnessInvermere250-342-2131
Martial Arts
Invermere Judo Club (cvrec)invermere
Kyokushin KarateInvermere 250-342-5385
Lizard BJJ Sport Jiu JitsuInvermere
Advanced Laboratory Testing
Dr. Michael Baker NDInvermere250-347-1457
Spas & Esthetics

Wellness - Spas & Esthetics

It’s time to pamper yourself with some “me” time. Time to relax and let your cares drift away in the tranquil ambience of one of the Columbia Valley’s spas. How about adding some highlights to your hair or you might even decide on a whole new hairstyle? Choose a facial to make you sparkle for that special occasion, too. Book an appointment today.

Business NameCommunityPhoneCallInfoSocialWeb
Esthetics & Beauty Products
Annelis's Hair BoutiqueRadium 250-347-9815
Bliss Hair & Estheticsinvermere250-342-6507
Cutloose Hair & Tanning Saloninvermere250-342-8880
Eclipse Hair StudioEdgewater 250-342-1397
Hair A SalonInvermere250-342-4050
Hair BendersCanal Flats250-349-5345
La Petite Spa BoutiqueInvermere778-526-5066
Mystique StudioInvermere250-342-7277
Sunsations Day Spa (Bonnie-Lou Ferris)Invermere250-342-1233
Shamrock Barber ShopInvermere250-409-4348
Shear Edge Hair StudioInvermere778-526-5020
Skin -n Tonic AestheticsColumbia Valley250-688-0607
Valley Hair Styling & TanningInvermere250-342-6355
All Dolled UpInvermere250-342-3727
Luminescence SalonInvermere250-341-5474
Elevation Massage and SpaRadium778-527-5090
Elevation Massage and SpaRadium778-527-5090
Fusion Wellness SpaInvermere250-270-0456
Sunsations Day Spa (Bonnie-Lou Ferris)Invermere250-342-1233
Rising Sun Massage & SpaRadium250-341-5668
Pleiades Spa & WellnessRadium250-347-2288
Natural Springs SpaFairmont250-345-6007
Evolution WellnessPanorama250-341-3403
Natural Minerals Hot Springs
Radium Hot Springs PoolsRadium
Fairmont Hot Springs PoolsFairmont
Metaphysical Arts

Wellness - Metaphysical Arts

"Metaphysical" - the term literally means beyond the physical. Metaphysical arts include those mystical practices, many of them thousands of years old, that often have no logical explanation to the average person. Many dismiss them because of lack of understanding but we see the powerful benefits in the recipients of such modalities as reiki, reflexology, astrology, energy balancing, psychic readings and more.

Business NameCommunityPhoneCallInfoSocialWeb
Astrology / Crystals
Evolution WellnessPanorama250-342-3403
Reiki / Energy Healing Work
Elevation Massage and SpaRadium778-527-5090
Pleiades SpaRadium250-347-2288
Psychic / Intuitives
Fiona MillarInvermere250-342-1713
Community Health Organizations

Columbia Valley community health organizations want you and your family to be healthy, happy and easily able to handle life’s ups and downs. If you or a family member are experiencing a rough patch right now and you could use some advice, counseling or just a friend with a sympathetic ear and a kind heart, here’s where to turn.

Hospice Society of the Columbia Valley

The Hospice Society of the Columbia Valley is comprised of a group of volunteers who are specially-trained, caring people, available to clients and families who are [Read more...]

Family Dynamix Association

"The Community is our family" Who we are Formerly called the Family Resource Centre, Family Dynamix has a vision to see families, individuals and communities in [Read more...]
Health & Wellness Stories

This is where our readers and health professionals can share their own health-related articles and stories. If you have a story, fact or fiction, that you want to tell, perhaps this is the place it can happen.

No posts found.
Emergency Contact Information

People tend to panic in an emergency and even such a simple thing as searching in a phone book can become difficult. If that emergency happens when you are visiting the Columbia Valley, where do you find a doctor and how do you get to the nearest hospital? As long as you are connected to a phone, you need do nothing more than look at the list below.

No matter where you are in the Columbia Valley, for All Emergencies – Police, Fire, and Ambulance Services – Call 911


  • RCMP – 4936 Athalmer, Windermere – 250-342-9292
  • Fire & Rescue – non-emergencies – 250-342-3200
  • Ambulance – non-emergencies – 250-342-2055
  • Invermere & District Hospital – 850 10 Ave. Invermere – 250-342-9201
  • Chisel Peak Clinic – 417 10 Ave. – 250-341-6900
  • Invermere Medical Clinic – 937 7 Ave. – 250-342-9206
  • O’Sullivan Dental Clinic – 602-14 St. – 250-342-9663
  • Invermere Dental Clinic – 1325 7 Ave. – 250-342-3811
  • Pharmasave Pharmacy – 417 10 Ave. – 250-342-8877
  • Lambert Kipp Pharmacy – 1301 7 Ave. – 250-342-6612
  • Invermere Veterinary Hospital – 4854 Athalmer Rd. – 250-342-7007


  • RCMP – 1419 11 Ave. N. – 250-344-2221
  • Golden & District Hospital – 835 9 Ave. S. – 250-344-5271
  • Golden Medical Clinic – 826 9 Ave. S. – 250-344-2211
  • Golden Dental Centre – 901 9 St. S. – 250-344-2710
  • People’s Drug Mart – 1104 10 Ave. S. – 250-344-6821
  • Gourlay’s Golden Pharmacy – B 826 9 Ave. S. – 250-344-8600
  • Columbia Veterinary Services – #1 611 10 Ave. N. – 250-344-5994


  • East Kootenay Regional Hospital – 1324 Ave. N. – 250-426-5281
  • Tamarack Medical Clinic – 191 1500 Cranbrook St. N. – 250-426-7724
  • Associate Medical Clinic – 123 10 Ave. S. – 250-426-4231
  • People’s Pharmacy – 13 24 Ave. N. – 250-420-4133
  • Walmart Supercentre Pharmacy – 2100 Willowbrook Dr. – 250-489-3202
  • Shoppers Drug Mart Pharmacy – 60 4th Ave. 250-427-4432
  • Tanglefoot Veterinary Services – 315 Industrial Rd. F – 250-489-1655


  • Kimberley Medical Clinic – 260 4 Ave. – 250-427-4861
  • Kimberley Family Dental – 465 Wallinger Ave. – 250-427-5366
  • Gray’s Compounding Pharmacy – 417B 304 St. – 250-427-0038
  • North Star Veterinary Clinic – 550 Mark St. – 250-481-5288

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