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Christmas in Cranbrook

Christmastime in East Kootenay

Once again, Christmastime in East Kootenay is right around the corner – that wonderful, incomparable time of the year when everything proudly wears an extra sparkle, when the air is filled with the music of the angels and hearts are tender. We or our friends and neighbors may celebrate other traditions like Hanukkah (Dec 12-20) or Kwanzaa (Dec 26-Jan 1) or the Winter Solstice (Dec 21), but at this special season differences are forgotten and we celebrate the things that connect us to each other – things like love, and family, and hope, and our desire for peace.

The signs of the approaching season are everywhere. Frosty mornings bring out warmly muffled shoppers, bright and colorful decorations are hung along the downtown streets and merchants festoon their shop windows with pine boughs and sparkling lights. ‘Guess Who’ will be arriving very soon! (Hint: the jolly old fellow wears a red suit and has been heard to say a merry “Ho, ho, ho!”).

Each community has its own beloved Christmastime traditions around which it gathers to share the warmth and good cheer. Here are some of the East Kootenay events that take place, from the earliest in November to New Year’s Eve. Mark your favorites on your calendar and be sure to be there!

We here at / wish all of our wonderful East Kootenay friends, neighbors and visitors the very warmest of wishes for a happy and peaceful holiday season!

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