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Columbia Valley Events Calendar

Columbia Valley Events bring us together in every season of the year – those of us who live here year-round and those who don’t but love the valley and want to share our celebrations with us. We mark our seasons by many of our annual events and we are famous for finding new and fun ways get together and celebrate anytime. In fact, there are likely a few Columbia Valley events happening most days of the year.

We love parades and fireworks, Canada Day and Christmas too, and all the many festivals that the calendar year brings along.

We have cultural events year-round, like festivals, concerts, artist’s shows, outdoor movie nights, farmers and artisan markets, to name a few.

Then there are recreational events such as golf tournaments, ski and mountain bike races, nature walks, hikes, regattas, swim competitions, curling bonspiels, ice fishing contests and hockey games.

And if we don’t have an event or two happening at some point, well we’ll just invent one – a fundraiser, a shopping event, a dinner.

Our Columbia Valley events calendars make it easy to find out what’s going on in your area on the date(s) you will be visiting.

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