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East Kootenay Communities

Communities in East Kootenay, from Golden in the north to Cranbrook in the south, range from a mid-sized city to the tiniest unincorporated hamlet. Each community is uniquely individual in character.


Fall in the Columbia Valley - Columbia Valley Wetlands north of Wilmer

The first thing each community has in common is a mutual love of beautiful East Kootenay -– from the highest Rocky Mountain peaks to the clear, sparkling rivers and lakes below, to the abundance of things to do and the many places to visit. We share a pride and a gratitude for being able to live in this amazing small corner of the planet.

The second thing we have in common is our fierce pride in our own communities. East Kootenay history is like a richly woven tapestry, with each community stitching its own unique colors into one beautiful picture.

From the First Nations who traveled through the valley thousands of years ago to hunt and fish, to the earliest pioneer settlers, the steamboats on the Columbia River, the building of the CP Railway, the forestry, mining, and now to renown as a 4-season tourism destination -– we have a history and a cultural legacy to be proud of.

Columbia Valley Communities
Community spirit is high in the Columbia Valley

Visitors to the different East Kootenay communities will sense the strong community spirit in each one. That spirit has been forged through generations of family hardships -– of fire, war, scarcity, drought and the Great Depression — ever since the story of the valley began. In all of these difficult times the people stayed together, supporting one another, determined to succeed in this harsh land. Many of the residents here today boast grandparents and great-grandparents who homesteaded in the area. If you ask them why they have stayed, they will tell you they couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.

People of East Kootenay communities are friendly toward visitors too. When you visit, be sure to stop and chat with the locals. There are amazing stories to be told and you’ll be glad you stayed awhile.

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