Add or Update your Directory Listing

You’ve arrived at this page for a few possible reasons:

  1. You don’t see your business listed in the Directory
  2. You notice that the business name or phone number isn’t correct
  3. You are wondering what it costs to upgrade your listing

Every business in the Columbia Valley will receive a free listing in our Directory or a featured section. A free listing includes your business name, the community where your business is located, and your primary local contact number.

How Can I Get More?

Basic Listing

It’s great to have a free listing with your phone number, but why not add a call button, social and website link for only $99? If you’ve got a website and/or social media page, why not allow our visitors to get right to you from your listing? It’s easy and Google loves seeing links to your website from quality, high-traffic websites! (It’s one of the things experts recommend to improve your own search engine ranking!)

Enhanced Listing

An enhanced listing includes the same features as the Basic Listing but also features a spam-free email link and INFO button for an additional $50. The INFO button is a graphical ad that can be as large as 900×900 pixels. It will pop up in front of the visitor, displaying pretty much anything you want!

We receive hundreds of visitors to our websites ( / every day. Our visitors are looking for the services your business can provide!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What businesses in the East Kootenay can be listed?
Although we are currently focusing on the businesses between Brisco/Spilli and Canal Flats, we are also including businesses as far north as Golden and as far south as the Cranbrook/Kimberley area.

How long to get setup?
The timeframe to add your business to the directory can range from a matter of minutes to less than a day.

Payment options?
Currently, we accept either Interac email transfer or PayPal (or credit card via PayPal).

How many categories do I get?
A free business listing can be placed into one directory category. A basic or enhanced listing can be placed into as many categories as applicable.

Contact us if you have more questions or some other bright ideas on about how we can better help to promote your business!